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  • „Consumer Protection – the Need for an Indicator based Global Ranking.“ A first Attempt towards Indicator Development, Berlin, External Source
  • „The Need for an Indicator based International Ranking with Focus on the National Quality Infrastructures“, Berlin, External Source
  • Guest Lecture „An International Perspective on Consumer Policy“ covering „The International Consumer Policy Framework“ and „International Consumer Policy Projects“, Munich, Chair of Marketing and Consumer Research, Technical University Munich, Video


  • „Market Regulation, Market Surveillance & Consumer Protection in the Palestinian Territories – Policy Recommendations to Increase the Competitiveness of MSMEs in Selected Sectors.“ Working Document for the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy, Ramallah: GIZ (Main Author), External Source
  • „Trade Competition and Consumer Protection – Training Manual.“ Training of Trainers for the Ethiopian Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Authority, Munich, Berlin, Addis Ababa: C3 team (Co-Author)
  • „Sri Lanka National Quality Policy.“ Approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2016. Ministry of Technology and Research & Sri Lanka Standards Institution; Berlin, Munich, Colombo: C3 team (Main Author),
    External Source


  • Training on „Market Regulation, Market Surveillance & Consumer Protection.“ Ramallah: GIZ
    (Main Author)
  • „Consumer Policy and Protection with Focus on Testing and Legal Metrology in India.“ New Delhi: GIZ
    (Main Author)
  • „Support to the Free Movement of Goods in Kosovo.“ Consortium Proposal for EuropeAid/133748/C/SER/XK, Berlin & Eschborn: GIZ IS and other Consortia Members (EU Proposal, Main Author)
  • „Consumer Protection in Morocco according to Law 31-08 and the Decree on Consumer Protection.“ For the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and New Technology, Rabat: C3 team (Co-Author)
  • Kosovo_BW


  • „Science, Technology and Innovation for SME Technology Transfer in Sri Lanka – Institutional Mapping.“ Colombo: GIZ (Main Author)
  • „Verbessung des südoesteuropäischen Systems zur Marktüberwachung.“ GIZ Offener Regionalfond, Eschborn: GIZ (Main Author)
  • „Quality Infrastructure in the Republic of Kosovo.“ Sustainable Economic Development Program. Eschborn: GIZ (Main Author)
  • „Standardisation Strengthening in the Field of Energy Efficiency of Consumer Goods and Industrial Products in Belarus.“ Consortium Proposal for EuropeAid/132091/C/SER/BY, Eschborn: GIZ IS and other Consortia Members (EU Proposal, Internal Review)
  • Kyrgyzstan_BW


  • „Capacity Assessment Process in Preparation of the Ghana Skills Development Initiative.“ Eschborn: GIZ
  • „Capacity Assessment of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in Rwanda.“ Sustainable Economic
    Development Program in Rwanda and Prime Minister’s Office, Eschborn: GIZ (Co-Author), External Source
  • „Promoting Mutual Trade by Removing Technical Barriers to Trade Between Ukraine and the European Union.“ Proposal for EuropeAid/130198/C/SER/UA, Eschborn: GIZ IS and other Consortia Members (EU Proposal, Internal Review), External Source
  • Project Progress Audit in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for the GIZ Program for „Regional Economic Integration in Central Asia“ with Focus on Quality Infrastructure and the Reduction of Technical Barriers for Trade.


  • Strategic Planning for the GTZ Private Sector Development Program in Nigeria and its Components „Financial Sector Development“,“Reform of the Legal and Institutional Framework“ and „Integration into ECOWAS“, External Source, Download
  • „Trade Support Programme II for Indonesia.“ Consortium Proposal for EuropeAid/128707/C/SER/ID, Eschborn: GTZ IS and other Consortia Members (EU Proposal, Internal Review), External Source
  • „Green Paper -The National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy: Building Competitiveness through Innovation.“ Approved by the Council of Ministers in 2012. Addis Ababa: ecbp / GTZ (Co-Author)
  • „Draft National Consumer Protection Strategy for Ethiopia.“ Draft for the Ministry of Trade and Industry,
    Addis Ababa: ecbp /GTZ (Main Author)
  • MinistersMeeting_BW


  • „Final Draft Strategy for the Implementation of National Quality Infrastructure in Ethiopia.“ Approved by the Council of Ministers in 2009. Addis Ababa: ecbp / GTZ (Co-Author)
  • “Quality Infrastructure & Science, Technology and Innovation in Germany.” Study Visit to Germany (delegation leader): ecbp / GTZ, External Source
  • „Benchmark and Regional Concept for TeCAT in Ethiopia.“ First Draft for the Prime Minister’s Office.
    Addis Ababa: ecbp / GTZ (Main Author)
  • „Technology Capability Accumulation + Transfer (TeCAT) for Ethiopia.“ Working Document for the Prime Minister’s Office. Addis Ababa: ecbp/ GTZ (Co-Author), Video
  • Korea_BW


  • „Quality Infrastructure & Science, Technology and Innovation in South Korea.“ Study Visit to South Korea (delegation member): ecbp / GTZ, External Source
  • „An Integrative Base of the Pyramid Consumers’ Perspective.“ Case Study on Hindustan Unilever’s Project Shakti on Consumers in Rural India. Master’s Thesis, Technical University Munich, 2007
  • „Private Altersvorsorge der türkischstämmigen Bevölkerung in Deutschland: Eine qualitative Untersuchung.“ Consumer Science Diskussionsbeitrag Nr. 10, TU München, 2006, ISBN 3-938236-60-4, Download
  • „Sustainable Mobility in China: A Chance for Leapfrogging?“ Case Study on Mobility Development after China’s Entry into the WTO. Sustainable Consumption Project at the Technical University Munich, 2006


  • „Evaluation of 12-DOF Input Devices for Navigation and Manipulation in Virtual Environments.“ A series of product design and evaluation experiments, in Maria F. Costabile & Fabio Paterno, editors, Human-Computer-Interaction 2005 (Interact 05), pp. 601-615, Download, Video
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